Ideas that phyll your brand
Chlorophyll me


Every brand or company has a story to tell. The story of a vision, of an idea, a determination, of leadership or the like. These stories transcend into products or services, which reach your homes and offices as needs and luxuries. We at Chlorophyll ME ignite the essence of those products & services and present them in forms of exclusive & significant ad campagins, spearheading strategies, logos, collaterals, billboards, TVCs, Jingles, Social Media, in-cinema advertising and a whole lot more!



BTL & ATL is our secondary & powerful expertise in our array of professional services. From initiating your product or brand in new or current market, positioning, promotions, launch events, fashion shows, award shows, concerts, other events, we are all geared to be the concept and the driving force behind the concept for all the above. We cater to making weddings, birthdays, social occasions, spread across cultures, customs and regions a grand success.



The lubricant which transports the vehicle of sales to the products end destination is efficient and creative marketing. In the world of smart phone apps even for nail polish, there is a constant demand to pull or attract consumer attention and to push or penetrate product / line of products in global markets. From a range of viral, BTL, Marcom, activation, endorsements, sponsorships exhibitions, conferences, conventions and so on, we give the best lubricating (marketing) tools for sales.